Intermehanika Ltd. is a trade company. We supply Russian works and plants with original spare parts for different industrial equipment: pumps, valves, motors, chains, sprockets, wheels, bearings, clutches, brakes, couplings, seals and etc.

We have good experience of work with many companies from various countries: Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, England, as well as USA and Japan.

One of our main suppliers is Eaton Fluid Power Group. Intermehanika Ltd successfully began partnership with Eaton Fluid Power Group in December 2004. We were their first official sales representatives in Russia. Moreover, we stay the best distributor of Eaton Hydraulics products on the Russian market as we show good sales results. At the moment it is our main line of development. We created a special stock program to store the most requested and ordered items on the Russian market.

Eaton Hydraulics is comprised of seven key brands: Eaton, Vickers, Char-Lynn, Aeroquip, Boston, Hydro-Line and Weatherhead, each with well-established reputations around the world.

Eaton products are known for their excellence in engineering and production and include hydrostatic transmissions, valves, piston and gear pumps and motors, the majority are used on mobile equipment.
Vickers has long been a pioneer in providing systems and components including vane pumps, piston pumps, valves, cylinders and filtration products to the industrial and other industries.
Char-Lynn brand products have continued the tradition of being a well-respected line of hydraulic steering units and general-purpose motors; Char-Lynn is also known for its spool-valve, disc-valve and high performance motors.
Aeroquip brand products serve the industrial, aerospace and automotive marketplaces. Products include all pressure ranges of hoses, fittings, adapters, couplings and other connectors.
Boston brand products include a wide variety of transfer hoses used in diverse markets including the chemical, petroleum, material handling and food industries. Boston also offers coupling and assempbly equipment for most hose applications up to 2”; inside diameter.
Hydro-Line industrial cylinder products complement the Hydraulics cylinder business by making available to customers a broader selection of single-source products that can be easily integrated into a complete Eaton system. Industrial cylinders are used by machine and equipment builders to transfer and apply fluid power in applications that range from automobile production to large hydro-electric projects and off-shore drilling platforms.
Weatherhead brand products consist of hydraulic hoses, hoses ends and assembly equipment, tube fittings and a full range of support accessories. Weatherhead products are supplied to users in industries including construction, mining, agriculture and truck and bus.

Also we represent following brand

The Airflex division of Eaton manufactures a variety of industrial clutches, brakes, and assemblies for heavy equipment. Airflex products are currently in use in a variety of industries, including: mining, grinding, marine, paper, metalworking, oilfield, can making, laundry, logging, roll form, converting, and dynamometer.

Looking for the future, we would like to meet a demand of our customers more completely. That’s why we always open for new experience and new suppliers with new products.